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From the concept of the shepherd's Field sprang the idea of building a hotel just a few meters away from the field in which the shepherd's sheep were grazing when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Also with the idea of building the hotel the name came "The Sahara Hotel". The building started in 1998 as a family business. In 2009 the hotel was completed and now it is ready to receive tourists from all over the world.

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Enjoy the Hotel Lounge

Sahara Lounge

The hotel lounge is provided with free WI-FI internet and other facilities- free laptop use, live entertainment T.V and a bar- to create the most comfortable atmosphere to visitors.

Staying at the Sahara hotel is a unique inspiring experience that helps strengthen the body and the soul.

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The hotel is located in an active tourist center. It is just 5 minutes drive from the nativity church of Bethlehem.....more